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Louis Morette Champagne

Louis Morette is LEGENDARY

Louis Morette is legendary - this is the philosophy of our Champagne House, which is celebrating its 154th anniversary in 2023.


More than an anniversary, this is an ode to joy and optimism expressing the personality of G.H. Martel & C° Champagne, and on the know-how of the Rapeneau family, which has been involved in making this wine for four generations.

The Process of Making Louis Morette

Methode Champenoise is the traditional method by which Louis Morette Champagne is produced. Turning our perfect Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes into bubbly champagne starts with crushing the grapes and putting the juice through its first (or primary) fermentation. This turns the juice into wine. Next, the wine is bottled and sealed with a crown cap, allowing the second fermentation to occur. This step lasts over 24 months and creates the bubbles in champagne. Finally, the crown caps are removed, a dosage of sugar is added, and the bottles receive a champagne cork and cage.

This process has been used for centuries and ensures the highest quality wines filled with multiple layers of complexity, fruit, and bubbles.

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Louis Morette Champagne
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